This is my first post on this site, so it will be an introduction of sorts. The website contains much information that a beginner initially needs, but it can be overwhelming. In the blog, I intend to expand on the website’s information, with posts about various aroma-chemicals and essential oils, as well as technique and other interesting perfumery information.

If you’re just beginning, look over all the information on the site, try and get the suggested book and start figuring out the territory. You’ll find most of the information you need on the site.

But perfumery is a complex thing, and one that takes years to master. You may be familiar with essential oils, but if you’re new to the world of perfumery, you’re now standing before the world of aroma-chemicals, which can be daunting. Particularly because various vendors will use their own name for sometimes the same product. Ambroxan also goes by the name Ambrofix (Givaudan) and Ambrox Super (Firmenich). There is also Ambroxide and Ambermore. Did I mention Ambroxane? Then there’s the matter of Aldehydes…and, as if the butt of a joke, when is an Aldehyde is not an Aldehyde. Aldehyde C-12 is an Aldehyde, but Aldehyde C-18 is not.

You can spend hours and days scouting the internet, the forums, the databases, and end up confused. Do not feel bad, just about all of us have gotten confused at one point or another in our perfumery journey. I guess that is part of the fun.

Do not think, however, that the confusion only applies to aroma-chemicals. Oh no. Essential Oils refuse to be left behind in the complexity. You might love Lavender, but in perfumery, which Lavender you use will yield a very different aromatic result. Lavender Bulgaria, Lavender France, Lavender Maillette, Lavender Absolute, Lavender 40/42…confused yet? Don’t be, this is why I crated this website and why I will be writing these blog posts.

For now, welcome to the site and enjoy all the information I provided, which I hope you find useful. If you have questions I did not answer on the site, please contact me using the contact page.

Enjoy the journey!

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